Updated March 31, 2009

What's Happening with This Year's MLP Investor Conference?


We have received many inquiries about the status of the MLP Investor Conference for 2009.  We know that this is a popular conference for both our members and investors, and we apologize for the uncertainty over this year's conference.   Here's a summary of what is happening and why it is taking so long to get definite news to you.

Although it is held under the aegis of NAPTP, up until this year, the Investor Conference has been largely the work of the Association's investment firm members.  Each year, the investment firms have cosponsored the conference, dividing its costs equally among them (in recent years, NAPTP has also assumed a share).   One firm has each year taken on the role of host, organizing and staffing the conference, sending invitations, paying vendors, etc. 

The past year, as everyone knows, has not been a good one for investment firms.   All of them are cutting back on expenditures, including conferences.  None of them is in a position to host or sponsor the NAPTP conference.   We therefore have had to spend considerable time thinking about and discussing whether to continue the conference,  and if so, how the conference will be organized and funded.    There was agreement early on that the conference is a valuable benefit both to our members and to the investment community and should be continued.   However, there was considerable discussion as to whether we should go forward with a conference this year and how it would be done.

After a great deal of consideration and analysis, and some time spent costing out potential venues, the NAPTP Board of Directors has approved going ahead with a 2009 conference.    We anticipate holding the conference in mid-September.  At this point we expect that the venue will be outside, but near, New York City.

  Again, we apologize for keeping everyone waiting -- keep watching this website, and as soon as we have more definite information, we will post it.   In the meantime, you can click here to access our members' earnings releases and most recent presentations.  Thank you for your patience and your interest in MLPs.